Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Hostile Identity Politics and Advocating Scarcity: The Engine of the Progressive Left's Own Destruction

If one were to live in a steadfast denial of reality and think with a woefully short time preference, the most preposterous and fatuous ideas that appeal to one's vanity would be accepted as the work of genius without question. These fabulous ideas would then need to be implemented without delay as such individuals typically have some difficulty with delayed gratification. This succinctly describes the progressive emoter, the social justice warrior, the liberal "stuff white people like" types. In a few words, modern day pharisee.

To deny reality is to go to war with reality eventually to lose. This is common sense but there is always someone who thinks he can win this war. Just as there is always someone who believes that the laws of thermodynamics are nonsense and it is possible to build a perpetual motion free energy machine made from unobtainium. Of course, these are the supporters of the Green New Deal. This program is intended to make energy more scarce and more expensive in the hopes of collapsing industrial civilization and destroying capitalism which will of course, mean many millions of deaths. But hey: In the end the watermelons fervently believe they will create a low-tech socialist version of the Shire populated world wide by 500 million to 1 billion of elite leftist cloud people.

Well, in reality it's not likely most modern leftists bugmen will survive the collapse of modern civilization. They already have a hard enough time eking out their meager dysfunctional existence on a cornucopia of psych meds and have to tweet to each other looking for someone else to assault or murder a 16 year old high school kid. They can't even do their own dirty work and even the ones who try, just screw it up. What sort of survival skills including the will and ability to effectively use violence (at least in self-defense), some planning intelligence, physical and psychological strength does a SJW who advocates such a passive-aggressive method of genocide bring to the table? Others more violence prone and psychologically and physically tougher will see them simply as food animals.

Even the ruling class and elites can only survive as long as their cordons of armed men have a use for them and that won't be for long. The elite and especially the ruling class are people of empty words and meaningless gestures, not at all true people of action, so they will not survive in a Darwinian environment for long on their own.

Then there's identity politics. Really, how much more blatantly stupid can it be for white SJW/SWPL people to jump on the white nationalist is nazi, white people bad bandwagon. Do any of them really believe that their pretending to be oppressed by self-identifying as otherkin "people of color" a la Rachel Dolezal will fool people of color? Nope, you will be on the chopping block as well as the deplorables and no amount of virtue signalling or avowed hatred of your own people will save you. If modern industrial civilization crashes and there are no bugmen left alive to hear it, does it make a sound?

Besides, once the white daemon and his supernatural force of white privilege is vanquished, who among the various identity groups will rule as nobody wants to be second fiddle in the game of power. What will become of the almost rans? If history is any guide, then the answer is ethnic cleansing and that can become quite messy.

So a word of advice to lefties: Don't rock the boat with your fatuous environmentalism or stir up people against each other as it won't work out well for you if you succeed. If it were only you paying the price for your imbecility, I wouldn't care but your idiocy will adversely affect me and many other innocent bystanders. So as this advice is given in self-interest, it will benefit you too. And in any case, you'd better pray that modern civilization lasts longer than you do.

However, worse than the true believing fool is the cynic who uses the promise of a saccharine utopia, driven by weaponized sob stories as a vehicle to power and demonizes even the slightest opposition. This type of sociopath doesn't care who gets hurt in his quest for power, including his own SJW followers. The left has long loved the "provocation", intentionally starting a violent confrontation then when the target of attack fights back, lie down, cry and play the victim. Or the leadership plays the victim on behalf of whatever leftist follower was injured or killed. What good can be said of people who use their followers as expendable pawns with such depraved indifference? What sort of moron would willingly follow such people?

This brings us finally to "normalization", the process by which the aforementioned sociopathic revolutionary leader employs to put an end to the revolutionary phase and begin his reign. This means that his agitators, former street muscle and various other useful idiots are no longer necessary and will be liquidated. It's often been noted that the rank and file wannbe revolutionaries more often than not end up as the body in the ditch rather than the commissar. Just ask Ernst Rőhm.

So even if the left wins, it eventually loses.

Donald Cavaioli

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