Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Comments on Newtown Pentacle post 'calm calculativeness' posted April 24, 2019

From the Newtown Pentacle blog:

Blogger and photographer Mitch Waxman truly does care about what happens here in our obscure little corner of the world, the borough of Queens. He is active in local politics and advocacy groups and his heart is in the right place but sometimes the reader can discern the frustration. After all the meetings with local bureaucrats and politicians, all the work he puts in, he can make no headway against the momentum of the local managerial state's plans. The mistake made here is to try to work within a system that is designed to be changed only from the top. And by the top, we must understand this to be on the federal or even global level, not the local country squire C-list and and D-list government factotums. No amount of protest and activism will sway the plans the managerial state from implementing the schemes their think tanks and foundations have been working on for about a century. Nor can working within a system, scrupulously following the rules, be successful when the managers only follow the rules when it suits them with no repercussions or accountability. They do not care what we think, we have no power.  At best bro, be a good community council janissary and they'll let you pick the color of the curtains.

Finally, it must be realized that at the level of the managerial ruling class that makes the decisions, they are so isolated from the people over which they rule that they neither know us or how their plans affect us nor care what we think or want. I've covered all this before here, here, here, here and here.
Especially as many of the bureaucrats who are not native to New York City have this problem of not knowing anything about the neighborhoods or the people who live in them, are unlikely to be able to find them on a map or give a damn about them as they implement these oh, so brilliant plans.

In the end, all the ruling establishment cares about is implementing their agenda, their  agenda for their own purposes. Whatever unpleasant or negative effects it has upon us peons is either a feature of the program and not a bug or collateral damage our lords don't care about.

When you start out under these initial conditions then you've lost before the fight has even started.

You've got it right, Mitch, we are occupied territory so what are you gonna do about it, bro? You're a good friend but sometimes I wish you'd listen to me.

Donald Cavaioli

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