Thursday, June 13, 2019

Civic Nationalism Failure: Nation of Immigrants as a Cover for Plundering Invaders

From the New York Times: Why Should Immigrants 'Respect Our Borders'? The West Never Respected Theirs by Suketu Mehta

This must be one of the most wretched pieces of calumny and tortured logic to be printed by the New York Times and this is a high bar to cross indeed. Well, Suketu is apparently unaware of the old adage that two wrongs do not make a right. Not surprising as Suketu Mehta is not of American or western European descent and therefore does not have any tradition or understanding of western liberal democracy. This opinion piece proves he (or she or it) is as bad as the European colonialists of generations past if not worse despite the scoundrel's sanctimonious drivel.

The most immoral and intellectually bankrupt excuse for invasion and open theft is to redress some alleged past crime by victimizing people in the present, even if the victim only approximately shares the skin tone of  the accused past villain. The crimes of the past committed by long dead people against other long dead people belong in the pages of history books not in the most recent pages of the New York Times as a feeble excuse for plunder by third world invaders. It is wrong and inexcusable to punish people who have committed no crime to benefit people who were never the victim. Assuming it is even provable that an actual crime had been committed in the first place instead of the fractured fairy tales spewed by the Cathedral.

So whatever happened to this judged by the content of our character, not by the color of our skin business? Judging people according who they are and their deeds, not who their ancestors were?
And isn't the nation of immigrants through our magic dirt supposed to produce patriotic, liberal democracy loving "new Americans" just like past generations who flowed through Ellis Island?

So whatever happened to our "nation of immigrants", a nation based on high-falutin' ideals, not a people, where the poor, huddled masses simply yearned to be free and would be proud and grateful to be let in and called "Americans" in good standing? No matter our race, creed, culture or ethnicity, we're all "Americans", united in this multicultural nirvana and will all live together happily ever after. We'll make E Pluribus Unum great again!

It appears that flowery, good feels rhetoric was part of a long range strategy to gradually introduce a new caste system where specific identity/grievance groups would be given special protected status. In other words, high caste people with a special set of rights and privileges to make up for past wrongs with no definition of when or under what conditions will the grievance finally be assuaged. When the wrongs will have finally been righted and we can all get on with this judged by the content of our character in the multicultural nirvana business. All part of incrementalism, the classic leftist strategy. But start it slowly, with a reassuring, peaceful face that tells us what we want to hear, simply wants to be treated fairly and remedy a present wrong or problem then gradually step it up to demands, accusations and obligations.

Many Americans were encouraged at first by the friendly, reassuring face of the nation of immigrants thing as they recall their sainted ancestors who passed through Ellis Island as was used to sell the 1965 Hart-Celler Act then. With no limiting principles ever given, the line used has morphed from "we just want to work hard and have a better life" into "we demand you let us in and give us free stuff because you owe us for some transgressions or other committed in antiquity". Suketu Mehta here represents this angry, demanding face of the nation of immigrants and this is the only logical trajectory the civic nationalism /propositional nation dogma could have taken. Suketu and others who follow his line of gibberish are simply cashing in on the immigrant side of the identity victim/grievance politics game.

There is one other thing as an aside:
To make this all multiculturalism work, to unite different identity/grievance groups, including the latest crops of immigrants legal or illegal, of otherwise competing interests and end goals, the white supremacist devil must be created as a unifying object of hate. One cannot avoid the news of the recent congressional hearings about it and veritable deluge of news stories about the rise of daemon white supremacism of which the spectral evidence is overwhelming.

Thus the Identity Marx god has declared blood libel to be righteous and shall be pursued from all time past and forever into the future by the angels of the left. The cargo cultist followers shall answer all objections with heart string tugging sob stories,false comparisons and buhwahddabout deflections when the sob stories are questioned and the false comparison bluffs are called. Failing that, the cultists will berate all unbelievers and heretics as racists and nazis. For the Marxist/Marxian thesis will cease to exist without an antithesis to struggle against and if the antithesis does not already exist, the high priests of Identity Marx will invent one. However, I digress.

This NYT opinion piece should prove civic nationalism, the propositional nation and diversity is our strength were lies all along. The failure of civic nationalism was either a feature of the program, not a bug or it achieved certain goals and the collateral damage is a matter of indifference to our ruling class. A story for another time.

But a few last words regarding opinion piece author, Suketu Mehta: It appears to have escaped this prodigy's notice that he (or she or it, whatever) and other third worlders have benefited from, if indeed profited handsomely from technology which we Americans and Europeans invented, that Suketu and his ilk themselves or their ancestors had no hand in inventing. Roads, hospitals and modern medicine, railroads, schools, etc. that were built for them by their former colonizers have certainly benefited them.

So in light of this, I counter that we Americans owe third worlders who agree with this NYT piece absolutely nothing and that includes entry into our country. As there is no more colonialism to whine about, you should all return to your own home countries and work to improve the conditions there yourselves. Maybe invent your own new technological advances while you're at it.

Donald Cavaioli

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