Tuesday, September 24, 2019

In New York, Reporting a Certain Crime is Against the Law

Just when it cannot be imagined that New York cannot do anything else as a further outrage against common sense and reason, the sick and twisted degenerates of progressive liberalism plum new depths of insanity. So now, calling Immigration and Customs Enforcement to report an illegal alien is, well, illegal here in the People's Banana Empire. Even to call an illegal alien an illegal alien here in our Banana Empire is illegal. This begs the question if our divine Emperor, Kaiser Wilhelm I who in his mortal guise we know as Bill De blasio will arrest the U.S. Congress for allowing the term "illegal alien" in federal documents and forms?

From QNS: Jamaica landlord becomes first to be fined for threatening to call ICE on tenant article by Max Parrott, written Tuesday, September, 24, 2019

The illegal alien is now cherished and adored by the local ruling class and elite such that in addition to getting access to freestuff like medicaide, EBT, and other welfare programs. Illegals also enjoy such privileges as being eligible for a NYS driver's licenses, the official protection of the sanctuary city and state and being counted the same as a citizen on the federal census and who knows, soon being openly able to vote in our elections instead of on the down-low. But it's not enough gifts paid for by citizens for our betters to shower upon their favorite pets who keep cheap slave labor and cheap sex industry (prostitutes) workers of questionable age great and at a very reasonable cost.

 No, comrades, much more must be done that we the plebs must pay for either in taxes or fines and legal fees in this latest demented law. I can't imagine or wait to see what new gifts our masters will see fit to bestow upon their new favorite slaves, can you?

On a more serious note, hopefully the landlord will successfully appeal this abomination of a "human rights" law and if there is any sanity left in our courts, have it overturned. It was not too far back in a saner time in our history when Americans still had some pride in themselves and a backbone, that there would have been politicians and bureaucrats tarred and feathered if they would have had the hubris to pass and the audacity to enforce this abortion of a law. In a saner age, politicians and bureaucrats would have known better not to and would never have dared this.

To those of you who went through the process of obtaining legal permanent resident or naturalized citizenship status: What a bunch of dumb fools you were for waiting in line like schlubs, filling out all that paperwork, the photographs and fingerprints, the background check and of course, the application fees. But your betters thank you for the money and taxes and look forward to increasing them on you...suckers!

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