Monday, September 23, 2019

The Social Justice War on Chocolate Milk

The average progressive liberal is a most angry, bitter and miserable creature. This is to be expected of these pharisaical neo-puritans whose self-appointed burden it is to guide the unwashed masses to a properly grim, spartan life of soul-crushing blandness and deprivation so that they may both save the Earth and enter the Marxian heaven of perfect equality and social justice. It is a disagreeable task and these are the disagreeable people to do it. Not that the elites or ruling class have to live in such poor circumstances as they are already saved and are necessary to the unpleasant task of building this utopia. It will hurt the rest of us more than it'll hurt our masters but no pain for the rest of us, no gain for them.

So here's a tidbit from the Brooklyn Daily Eagle where Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams feels that forcing school children to have meatless, bland, soy based vegan lunches isn't stoically bland enough but that children can no longer have chocolate milk as well. Too much sugar, like enjoying one's life too much, makes for weak future socialist drones.

The BP wants chocolate milk out of public schools, September 20, 2019 by Kelly Mena

And while you're at it Eric, CANCEL CHRISTMAS TOO!

Donald Cavaioli

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