Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Will New York's Off-Shore Windmill Program Break Records or Just Break Wind?

If a group of people lack the ability to engage in abstract thought, the intellectual acumen for new and innovative ideas and the individualistic creativity to pioneer new technologies or are just corrupt grifters all that's left to them is to take already invented older, obsolete technologies and claim them to be exciting new inventions. Either that, or in their re-invention of the wheel, they breathlessly announce that they have succeeded in making it rounder than it was before. Such people not of the grifter mold typically end up as bureaucrats, politicians or professional activists as they're not intelligent or talented enough or simply too much a borderline personality for any meaningful, productive form of employment.

But as always, the reality of these fabulous new/antiquated miracle technologies almost never lives up to the hype which is the grifter's stock and trade and leaves the other idiots to make feeble excuses for their failures while still pretending their perpetual motion machines can really work. But the grifter, crony capitalists and activist/NGO honchos profits, the rank and file SJW activist gets his good feels, the bureaucrats and politicians declare success and move on to another great idea. So as far as the ruling class and elite are concerned, it's a win-win even if we the proles get stuck paying for their fiasco and see our quality of life further decline. But as our rulers hate us, we count for nothing so they really don't care what happens to us except that we pay their taxes and obey their speech and thought codes.

So we come to this opinion piece from the Gotham Gazette by Liz Burdock and Jay Borkland entitled: "As New York's Ambitious Energy Plan Breaks Offshore Wind Records, Report Identifies Challenges and Opportunities" published August 7, 2019

That windmills as a power source for machinery was long ago replaced as inefficient due to the losses involved in converting wind energy into usable work energy makes no impact on our mastermind planners. The salesmen of General Electric and Siemens thinks wind turbines (which they happen to manufacture, by the way) are the thing, everyone should buy them (with generous government subsidies, thank you very much) and our politicians, after accepting some nice campaign donations and other under the table goodies heartily agree (please clap). They work as long as the wind is blowing within an operational range or the temperature isn't too low otherwise they're just useless, gargantuan monuments to liberal imbecility and ruling class perfidy.

Just as the solar panel, the first commercially available version of which was patented in 1885 has not and may never will exceed 10% or 20% efficiency directly converting sunlight to usable electricity. There are physical limits to the photoelectric effect. That and solar panels appear to have trouble providing electricity at night (or overcast days) for reasons enviro-liberals and greenies have yet to explain. Don't panic, more government research grants are on the way.

But just say the word "free" like "free energy" or other free stuff and lefties and liberals go into a swoon then storm the manufacturers, eager to buy with other people's money.

The main problem with these "renewable" energy sources besides being expensive, not cost effective, lagging behind in energy density compared to fossil fuel driven source and needing government subsidies to be economically viable is that their power output cannot follow the load. That is, the generated power from wind turbines and solar panels when at maximum output cannot be increased to keep pace with consumer demand. And it must be noted that their maximum output can vary even being somewhat lower than average. So unless there is some other steam driven generator as a backup or some other place to buy electricity from in a pinch (which drives spot power prices through the roof), there could be more than a few blackouts. The to add more fuel to the fire- If we replace all internal combustion engine cars to electric vehicles, even if a small percentage, there are no magical electricity elves to upgrade the grid or provide more power for all the extra appliances loading the grid.

However, if one were to pose this question to the compos mentis of the green left, they would be certain that the laws of physics were struck down by the Supreme Court as unconstitutional and racist. Greenie watermelons appear to believe perpetual motion machines are entirely possible if scientists and engineer were given enough grant money. Moar money always fixes everything in progressive liberal land, ya know.

But hold on now! Batteries! That's the ticket! So there's this physicist guy, Mark P. Mills who did the math for how long it would take Elon Musks' Gigafactory to build the batteries that would store energy to power the entire U.S. for 2 days and that would be, according to him, about a thousand years. So maybe not batteries then.

Ok, wait, there's other schemes like pumped storage although how much water and tanks to hold it that would take and how much energy would be lost in the process of conversion doesn't make it look any better. So if anyone realistically wants to believe we can completely do away with all hydrocarbon and nuclear power without returning to a 18th century lifestyle, then pull up a chair and make yourself comfortable as we're in for a very long wait.

But all will not be lost. The elite city of  Manhattan, the grand luxury product city of Bloomberg's wet dreams (and parts of that chic designer label called by mortals Brooklyn) will have sufficient power as our ruling godlings and elites, unlike the masses of unwashed plebes and slaves in the lower order outer boroughs, are too "woke" and too important to do without.

However, back to the real world with its real presently technology and real physical laws.

It's a fool's errand to bet on some future technology that will solve all the present shortcomings of so-called renewable energy sources based on a presently unknown paradigm and that is impossible to know if it will ever be invented or not. Just as it is simple minded and naive to accept the doomsday scenarios being spun not by scientists, but activists, NGOs, politicians, bureaucrats and corporations who stand to make a lot of money from it.  And idiotic beyond description to believe the liars, hypocrites, and grifters with their perpetual motion machine solution in search of a problem to solve.

How can anyone take seriously the calls by UN bureaucrats and their pet government scientists that we the unwashed masses must accept the denigration of our standard of living, having scarcity foisted on us by a hoard of people who jet off in an armada of airliners to different exotic locales for COP meetings every year. People who demand we give up eating meat and becoming vegans or eating bugs to ostensibly save the planet but never miss a good cheeseburger themselves, even at fast food places they malign like Burger King. Or famous politicians and activists who never miss an opportunity to read us the riot act about our massive "carbon footprint", profligate energy consumption or rising sea levels but who buy very expensive and high energy consumption ocean front homes. Hypocrisy never wore such an insufferably smug and ingratiating mantle.

No, Liz and Jay, aside from the record amount of tax dollars that will be wasted in a fraudulent scheme, no new ground nor records will be broken here but only the wind broken from your unctuous and insipid work of propaganda.

Donald Cavaioli

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