Saturday, January 25, 2020

More old Manhattan colorized

Sorry for another quickie, been busy. Antique radios don't restore themselves and I've got one hell of a backlog to go through. Anyway, I should have part 3 of my strange dream posted tomorrow but otherwise, the news is either boring (like the impeachment show) or been covered to death by everybody and his brother (like the corona virus).  I'm starting to get tired of the multicult and civic nationalism failures and feel like I'm repeating myself too much. I hate repeating myself and being a one note song. That's why there were sometimes long stretches between posts waiting for something interesting to write about or too busy with other things. But my New Year's resolution is to post daily so here's at least something:

This is 9th Street at 3rd Avenue which has the elevated train line in Manhattan ca 1902. The forerunner of the subway was this and other elevated lines or Els as we like to call them. This photo was taken just before the lines were electrified and shows an old steam engine pulling the cars.

This photo may have come from NYC but I'm not 100% sure. I am sure I did the color work. Enjoy.

Donald Cavaioli

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