Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Divide and Conquer

Since the 1930's, the ruling class here in the U.S., especially the old-money, northeastern establishment WASPs of New York, have been  fascinated by Marxist Leninist totalitarianism.  Although, at first they were horrified at the anarchist and communist bomb throwing and rioting antics as southern and eastern European immigrants used American society as a punching bag in their proxy war of revenge against the rulers of their home countries. It was the twisted emotional satisfaction of after being beaten up by a bigger kid, then going out and beating up another, smaller kid combined with a satanic preference for ruling in hell rather than serving in heaven. After all, the individual liberties and freedoms guaranteed by the constitution were easy for the Marxists to exploit.

Marxism was before the 1930's a dreadful anathema to this clique of staid, well-heeled  blue blooded, heritage Americans who were accustomed to their inherited wealth and government positions. Although these elected and bureaucratic positions had limited powers, they were prestigious enough and provided a comfortable niche for the blue bloods. This all began to change in the aftermath of what historians are pleased to call "the gilded age", a sneering appellation to describe a time of unimaginable horror where any greasy prole with the intelligence, drive and determination could start up a business and become anything from moderately successful to a captain of industry. If not, then many other of the lower orders were becoming part of a burgeoning middle class whose children would have access to better education and themselves may join the nouveau riche. The unspeakable horror of the gilded age that would be later sold to the masses was that some proles got rich and worse, they flaunted their wealth! Honestly, is there no room for breeding and old world courtly manners? What if the bluebloods were driven to bankruptcy and even eventually pushed out of their government sinecures by those new hungry wolves! The real horror of the gilded age was for the old money WASP establishment that they would be toppled from their thrones by these new entrepreneurs.

Eventually, the blue bloods of the northeastern WASP establishment decided that the Soviet model of government with its top-down centrally managed and controlled economy with some modifications would offer the benefit of society under their control- including social mobility of who and how many get to rise up the social ranks. And under Franklin Delano Roosevelt's brain trust would offer academic design and control of the system so that means a scientific system which cannot fail. The problem with the Russian Soviets, in the new managerial planner's opinion, was that it was being run by a bunch of dumb Russian peasants, not by the super-smart elite cloud people of Harvard and Yale. Stalin and his men never even attended Dartmouth, for heaven sake! But in the hands of the right people...

In New York City of the 1930's where anarchists and communists were once despised, Democrat politicians were beginning to play footsie with communists and Marxists of every stripe. What better way to get the masses to support the party machine than to play the friend of the working man and promising to berate their bosses and make those evil rich people pay for the heinous crime of getting rich? Still, under no circumstances should the working man ever want to aspire to achieve more lest they become Satan incarnate by the evil and corrupting influence of even modest success. It is by far more moral and good to remain poor and oppressed. The lesson was victimhood is a blessed state to aspire to and achievement above one's station is evil and will be punished.

But there was something else the Democrat party machine learned from their communist buddies and that was using cultural Marxism to attack segments of the population and then divide and conquer the electorate. After 1965, this tactic was augmented by increasingly open immigration from all different cultures and ethnicities to a sanctuary city for illegal immigrants. The new immigrants legal and illegal were granted the holy sacrament of victimhood by virtue of coming from poorer countries which were oppressed by European and American colonialism. Then entire communities would never be able to unite to oppose the political and managerial establishment's schemes as each group would have its own unique interests, be assigned the status of angel victims (identity victim groups) or devil oppressors (the native New Yorkers) and they would have nothing more in common with each other than residing in the same geographical area. This was intended to ensure the electorate would be permanently divided and forever squabbling amongst themselves.

But our managerial overlords ever fearful of even an improbable servile insurrection can never stop finding new ways to further balkanize us and impose identity bean-counting in every corner of society. From The City: DOES YOUR COMMUNITY BOARD REFLECT YOU AND YOUR NEIGHBORS? FIND OUT. by Rachel Holliday Smith and Ann Choi with additional reporting by Clifford Michel, January 29, 2020

Even the local community council, a toy government created to promote the illusion of select people (picked by the Borough President) in the community having some influence in what their political and managerial betters plan is not free from divide and conquer. No matter how servile the slave foremen, one must keep the whip in full view.

Donald Cavaioli

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