Monday, January 13, 2020

Immigration Laws in New York Nullified 2: It's almost official, Illegals may get to vote in our elections

Yes, it's unofficially official, the bill that would allow illegal immigrants to be automatically enrolled to vote when they apply for a New York State driver's license was passed by our most glorious, benevolent, gift-bestowing betters of the New York State Senate:

State Senate passes Automatic Voter Registration Bill (again), by Victoria Merlino, January 10, 2020, Queens Daily Eagle 

Passes it again! And thank the Identity Marx god that they finally got it right, typos fixed and did it. It was a short article that didn't go into whether or not the State Assembly would pass it or if Our Most Dear Leader and Revered little tin god, Andrew Cuomo would sign it or not. Considering the State Assembly is about 70% Democrat factotums of the great progressive hivemind and Andy is a real nasty piece of work, it should be passed into law very soon. 

Of course we don't want to publicize it too much and there had to be a bit of time separation between enacting the the law that allowed illegals to get NYS driver's licenses and the law that automatically registers them to vote so the peasant masses don't catch on. Yes the peasantry are a reliably servile lot and will slavishly parrot all the progressive liberal taking points their betters order them to assimilate. They have been obediently crawling off on their bellies to what outwardly appears to be democratic elections for generations, but are really a periodic affirmation of their loyalty to their masters yet still, one can never tell with the peasants.

Slavish devotion to the political ruling class, swallowing their lies and propaganda like so much kool aide can suddenly give way to angry mobs in yellow vests or waving umbrellas as they suddenly take offense at whatever the new law their masters enact to further debase the plebes. With such goings on in places like Paris, Santiago and Hong Kong, one should perhaps play it safe and keep this latest outrage against the very concept of U.S. citizenry and the ruling class using their tax paying chattel as human urinals on the down low.

Now why, one may ask, is it so vitally important, that our fantastic democracy and our very way of life are gravely imperiled should illegally undocumented immigrants (notice again the discipline I employ in not using the illegal term "illegal aliens") should be denied NYS driver's licenses and the franchise of the vote? Just as how it was absolutely paramount that the question of citizenship be left off the census. The answer is simple: To answer the latter first, New York state is losing people such that it may lose a congressional seat or two and the population count must be padded to the max or Sandy Ocasio Cortez might have to go back to being a barmaid. 

Where would New York City be if the 14th congressional district that starts in the Bronx and includes the Whitestone Bridge to cross over into central and northwestern Queens, a prodigy, a masterpiece of gerrymandering, were to disappear? What would happen to the voting rights of anyone who happens to live on the Whitestone Bridge? Every vote matters and must be counted! Something had to be done and done it was! Illegals are counted in the census just as citizens.

To the matter of illegal aliens, sorry, our most wonderful undocumented immigrants who have nobly graced us with their presence and generously work such jobs for below minimum wage off the books (saves a bundle on payroll taxes to boot) that businesses refuse to pay Americans a fair wage to do should be welcomed with open arms. And all the yummy ethnic foods they bring that makes "foodies" and hipster bugmen squee with delight. And where would elite uber pimps like the late Jeffrey Epstein be without a fresh supply of nubile, young human sex toys for the pleasure of our ruling class and elites. Or low cost "comfort women" for hard-working proles. Human trafficking and prostitution jobs lazy American people simply won't do.

These undocumented comrades are the hard-working people who pay their taxes, sort of- sales taxes on groceries and clothes, 70+% paid for partially or totally with tax payer public assistance simply deserve the vote, dah-link. And more, these folks will overwhelmingly vote the correct and proper way, for the Democrat Party who shall rule supreme as the one and only party in New York.

To gainsay this plan to be a one party universalist cosmopolitan dictatorship of the proletariat is to be racist, xenophobic, divisive and an insufferably partisan boor. And to endure such pointing and shrieking of these epithets would simply be mortifying.

On a more serious note, this does greatly cheapen U.S. citizenship by giving away the franchise of voting to non-citizens who really have no stake or interest in this country and bitch slaps naturalized American citizens who earned their vote by waiting on line and following the laws. I would feel bad for these new Americans but as about 70% of them are reliable Democrat voters they must like the abuse.

Donald Cavaioli

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