Friday, January 10, 2020

Summer of 1914 in color

A fine looking summer day in 1914, 2nd Avenue and 59th Street in Sunset Park Brooklyn...

The motorman of Briggs 1899 model streetcar has his right hand on the brake and his left hand on the throttle as if he were undecided if he should hit the brake and let the fellow in the brown suit and straw boater hat cross or push the throttle and take a chance on not hitting the pedestrian. The Briggs car is in the green livery of the Brooklyn City Railroad and this being prior to 1918 would be in the good old days of the BRT. It's days worth of work to get the colors right and a challenge to get details like the sky reflected in the Briggs car front window but I do think I got that detail right. Colorizing B&W photos and making them look good is sometimes in little details like that.

This one is a bit more color saturated than I would like and I probably should have put more work into getting the color of the building in the background just right but it does sort of have that 1970's Kodachrome look to it. Just like an old photo should.

As usual, the original B&W photo is from my favorite source for colorizing candidates, NYC

Donald Cavaioli

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