Sunday, December 29, 2019

People in color in a black and white world.

For the 101st post which since November 20, 2918.

A partial colorized photo that looks a bit weird at first with only the people colorized. The location is the corner of 17th Street looking north on 5th Avenue in Park Slope, Brooklyn ca 1950.
Below is a clip from Google maps streetview cropped as close as I could get it to match. The Prospect Parkway now cuts through in the background taking out through eminent domain some of the rowhouses on the right. The black and white photo I got from NYC with colorized people by yours truly.

This makes and average of 1 post about every 4 days which for Custodia Sepulchrum's New Year's Resolution is post more often- every day if all goes well. A resolution that departs from my usual resolutions where I promise not to do things that I already do not do like getting flying WW1 biplanes into dogfights with enemy biplanes, launching a full-sized Titan-Gemini rocket from my backyard and such. Much easier to resolve not to do things you already never did nor will ever do but this time rather than not do something, I'll do something like blog regularly. Been doing good so far...

Donald Cavaioli

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