Monday, December 30, 2019

Immigration Laws In New York Nullified: Laws Are Only Obeyed if it Suits Our Political Ruling Class' Interests

So here in The People's Banana Empire of New York even illegal immigrants (note here how I did not use the more offensive term "illegal aliens") can get a New York State driver's license. This is of course only for the most loving and benevolent reasons so that illegals who drive anyway will get insurance for their cars and to "bring them out of the shadows".

Indeed, for the groups of men of dubious immigration status waiting for day labor jobs on street corners all along Liberty Avenue, it is somewhat in the shadows of the A train El overhead. As well for the others of similarly dubious immigration status in large groups, carrying certain central American national flags, protesting their right to just walk into the U.S. as they please, those tall buildings in Manhattan cast their shade over the street. Just as gay rights activism is about the love that dares not speak its own name but won't shut the fuck up about it, the illegal immigrants are the people who in the shadows are everywhere you look, make very loud, angry demands in public and won't get the hell out of our sight.

So here is this from QNS: Huge numbers of people line up outside Whitestone DMV as Green Light Law is implemented by Bill Parry, published December 16, 2019

In this article are the usual lies that without a driver's license, police will "rip" the illegal away from his family as by Mayoral Executive Directive to the NYPD forbids the police from asking immigration status and absolutely forbids police from notifying ICE even if an illegal commits a serious felony crime. But why let the facts get in the way of a good heartstring-tugging sob story as a cover for tacit approval of human trafficking, evading minimum wage laws and tax evasion. The elite vassals of the realm pay good money to the political ruling class for the privilege of having these people to exploit, you know. And it would be inexcusably unethical for our elected politicians not to deliver for their donors.

Not to mention that if the illegal immigrant is handed a voter registration card as DMV does for all transactions, what's to stop them from filling it out and later voting in our elections? Will the NY Board of Elections check the citizenship status of each and every application? Uh...Yeah, sure.

But really, the people who should be most outraged by all the freestuff and special privileges given to illegals in whose own countries they would never countenance illegals taking such liberties nor give their citizen's tax money to them in welfare are those who obtained their U.S. citizenship legally. That's because they come from countries that value their citizens and stand up for their own people's best interests unlike our thoroughly cucked state.

Yes, you naturalized citizens who patiently waited their turn, paid all the fees, waited on lines to be fingerprinted and photographed, or to see the INS inspector and taking days off work to do so and now pay your taxes ought to be outraged by this because you have been made complete fools of.

Punks like Andy Cuomo and Bill de Blasio and all the rest of the elected peanut gallery are laughing at you for being suckers and chumps for jumping through all those hoops for a piece of paper saying you are now a U.S. citizen. Everything that is the rights of citizens, privilege of driving and franchise of voting they now give away to illegals for free and easy just for the asking. Further adding insult to injury by using your tax dollars to pay for the free medical care and other freestuff their illegal pets receive. The New York State elected political class have just shit all over you from head to toe.

But don't feel too bad, our political overlords have just cheapened the value of all our citizenship and just shit on those of us who were born citizens too.

Donald Cavaioli

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