Monday, December 23, 2019

Queens, New York: "The World's Borough" A Balkanized Collection of Competing Colonies

The Powers that Be, Our Glorious Rulers, Those Wise and Benevolent Little Fathers, those great big warm hearted, cosmopolitan progressive liberals, ever generous to a fault with other people's money (never their own, oh no, dah-link) cuckishly call Queens, NY "the World's Borough".
Well, isn't that special!

Yes, The World's Borough, that belongs to the world, not the native population, not the Americans who live here. We're marginalized as "racists" and "white supremacists" if we dare to complain about the third worldification, the separate communities of composed of an ethnic group operating as virtual colonies that want nothing whatsoever to do with each other. Different ethnic groups that absolutely refuse to assimilate because the white liberal cucks that control the place absolutely refuse to insist on assimilation let alone to merely encourage it. Whatever happens here is strictly the fault of the native population.

But who would want to assimilate into such a flaccid, unctuous native culture that not only allows itself to be used as a toilet for any and all foreigners but spends all its time trashing itself. If a culture has no pride in itself, refuses to assert itself in its own homeland, then it deserves to be treated like a toilet or a nickle whore. So I do not blame any immigrant group for their behavior as they are acting as normal people do, treating such nauseating obsequiousness as multiculturalism and the "World's Borough" with the contempt it deserves.

I will say this however: If multiculturalism, this citizen of the world cosmopolitanism, were accepted the same all over the world, I would have no problem with it as long as everyone else in the world gives reciprocity in it. It would be nice. However, the world is as it is, not how fantasy or conceit would imagine it.

Because that's not how we human beings are. Like it or not, we evolved from social animals living in tribes and so tribalism is written into our DNA and hardwired into our brains. We on average naturally prefer the company of others that share their race, language culture and religion and as it is natural to us, there is nothing morally wrong with it. There are exceptions to this of course but these are a very small minority that does not change the general rule. We belong to our respective tribes or nations and no other and have not the ability to change this by will alone.

These immigrant groups would never in their own homeland tolerate foreigners refusing to assimilate, acting as if they should be accepted as "natives" just because they dropped their bags there, giving the foreigners the money and resources of their people. Nor would they accept foreigners being elected to public office in their own countries as they're not so stupid as not to realize the foreigner would pass legislation that would benefit the foreign people's interests to the detriment of their own people.

Outside of Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand, nobody else accepts this sort of nonsense. A people's country is their homeland and their governments look after the interests of its people at home and abroad as it should be.

So there is no multicultural nirvana of people from all over the globe coming together to mix and mingle forming only one race- the human race, happily singing kumbaya together here in this whimsically imaginary World's Borough.

To illustrate the point of people looking out for the interests of their fellow ethnics, here is an article
from the Times Ledger/QNS: Queens lawmakers visit South Asian Food Pantry in Flushing by Carlotta Mohamed, December 18, 2019

The south Asian community is acting in the best interests of the south Asian people. It is highly doubtful the south Asian countries would give this in reciprocity to any Americans living there especially if it came out of the native people's own tax money. Nor would any self-respecting politician there rush over to symbolically give a photo-op fellatio to the Americans when convenient in residence in a sickening display of twats pandering for votes.

Once again, I cannot blame the south Asian community for supporting the interests of their own people because to do so is natural and normal. Blame lies squarely with the local Americans, the dysgenic, spiteful mutant  natives, who are weak and decadent enough to extol betraying their own people's interests, let alone to tolerate it without a murmur of dissent. Rather, they wear their decadence, weakness and cowardice as a badge of pride euphemistically called "tolerance".

So it would be good to ask why do local politicians insist on this obvious failure of the promises of multiculturalism, ignoring how the balkanized ethnic colonies that have atomized the people of Queens into competing sub-groups all the while braying about being the "World's Borough".

The answer is simple: Divide and conquer. A borough or an entire city for that matter divided and sub-divided into a vast and dizzying array of identity, ethnic and special interest groups all competing for influence in the halls of power and as much public money or resources as they can get is in the best interests of our ruling class.

So this mass of groups will never be able to unite against the city power structure as they have no common bond of community, history or culture and thus no common interest. Instead they will all behave like a bucket of crabs simply pulling each other down pursuing their own interests while the political and bureaucratic elite does as they please virtually without opposition. Welcome to Hotel Queens, the World's Borough that if it belongs to the world, it belongs really to nobody. Least of all the native people of Queens.

Donald Cavaioli

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