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A Critique of the American Right Strategy (or Lack Thereof): The Problem

A more a general critique on ideas expressed by other folks on the dissident right not any particular blogger, pundit or commenter. I began writing this post last April and over time added to or subtracted from it as I did more research, listened to videos or read various sites trying to find who on the right was actually proposing real world solutions to our current problems we have here in the U.S.
What I found was outside the groypers who represent only a first step in the right direction or Patriot Prayer confronting Antifa which I'm not yet sure if it's worth it or not (but least it's something), there were no other voices who had much more than talk. And the further to the right, the more the talk may have been "don't punch to the right", but they certainly have no compunctions about punching the hell out of anyone to the left of them who are still very much on the right of the spectrum.

Just as predicted that the further to the right one is on the spectrum, the more they mimic the positions of their opposite number on the left, sometimes to the detriment to other factions or individuals not as far right, albeit for the opposite of reasons. Aiding and abetting the left on any topic or issue for any reason is not only wrong, but completely stupid. Never give aid and comfort to the enemy. Especially an enemy who not only will not appreciate it but will not hesitate to destroy you at the first opportunity.

So we are not only ineffective but worse, counterproductive

In short, the problem faced by the American right is twofold: The current American culture and that the American right spends more time attacking each other to the point where most forget about the left, if not tacitly supporting the left by adopting the same positions, albeit for diametrically opposite reasons.

Our current government is in fact a reflection of American culture and the expectations of the American people as much as the United States federal government since the 1930's gradually began to shape the American people. Over time, it becomes a feedback loop without a governor or limiting mechanism which inevitably leads to the system tearing itself apart from its own ever increasing momentum.

One of the greatest flaws of the left is when advocating change is saying we can do something and never considering the question of should we do something. This, in addition to post-modern demolition of any concept of right or wrong and concept of transcendent morality removed any limiting mechanism in progressive lust for change. In doing so, progressive society's changes, based on  vague and amorphous  concepts "fairness" and "justice"begin to cater to more and more extreme fringes, becoming a machine without a governor, spinning ever faster until it flies apart.

In order for the right to make some inroads in pushing back the left, Joe and Jane Normie, white middle Americans who may comprise some 30% to 40% of the population must be convinced not only does the left want them at best gelded drones working and paying for their replacement foreigners' swag or at worst, dead. So we must have the normies swayed over to our side as simply the better heuristically working model. It is important to understand that no model is perfect as no human being is perfect and we should not blithely throw out previously working models in favor of either past failed models or untested new ones. Even if the country cannot be restored to the original founder's ideals, then something that more closely approximates it and that has to be an improvement.

So the concept of transcendent morality found in religion must regain a strong and respected position in society and as well, a stronger sense of settled community. We've become far too transient as a people, moving back and forth for work, younger generations moving far away for college and work to lay down and keep roots in one place.

One of the first issues to tackle is that contrary to the post-war European left's smear propaganda, that nationalism can be a good thing when it opposes imperialism, has respect for other nationalities in their own homelands and understands some nationalities cannot be mixed together without causing conflict. It's OK to be an American and have a real physical definition of who is an American.

This leads to opposing the prevailing "Nation of Immigrants" civic nationalism fallacy. Good borders make for good neighbors and immigration should not only be limited in numbers, but allowed for only for the good of the nation, carefully choosing who to allow in and insist on strict compliance with assimilation or out they go. Eventually, middle America should be shown that it is not at all evil or improper that the U.S. can say no more immigration at all for the time being. It's okay for Americans to think of the U.S. as our country and the government should act in our best interests, not the interests or to the benefit of other people who have their own governments to look after their interests. But this is only the first step. Normie needs to understand that if just anyone can be an "American" just because they drop their bags here then nobody is really an American as the concept no longer has a real definition. Then the new Americans will often be "American" when it's advantageous and then identify as their own nationality when it's convenient. The U.S. becomes nothing more than a giant hotel where the guests look down upon and despise the hotel staff.

Some inroads have been made, the Overton Window has been pushed right but the gains made are shaky and must not simply be preserved but pushed further. Middle America realizes the government and mainstream media has been lying to them and acting contrary to their interests. Nice middle American white people are genuinely dismayed at the incessant trashing they receive as the cause of all non-white woes. Scowling white leftists snarling about the duty of white people to kowtow to and make amends to non-whites for the alleged crimes of the long, dead past and being always told that they are fatally infected with racism and ever worthy of censure. Mr and Mrs Normie deserve the third worldification of the their communities and attendant increase in crime with open immigration and "refugee" resettlement. The karmic scales of justice must be balanced honks the social justice warrior and you'll pay for those crimes you didn't commit and the beatings of normies will continue until their moral improves.

What makes matters worse is a sort of collective "battered wife" syndrome develops where normie, in fear of another beating, tries ever harder to conform to and appease the prevailing progressive identity leftist cultural overlords. There is also Stockholm syndrome playing a part here as well. Overall, traditional or heritage American culture including its religion has been pretty well battered and will be difficult to restore to even a semblance of its former, more functional and successful self. This will take a long time to accomplish and will not be easy but it must be done.

Middle America knows things are going wrong but aren't sure what to do. They wonder how they could be held responsible for past events over which they neither played any part on nor had any control over but they can't articulate why or are too afraid to. The American right must provide not only sound reasons to oppose the left but to lead by example in publicly opposing the left by word and deed. We must recall that the left's primary weapon is their whiny voice and heartstring tugging sob stories often without basis in fact.

The problem with normie middle America is that we must de-program them after decades of managerial/nanny state and progressive cult brainwashing. This will take time, patience and careful administration of the red pill in dosages nice Mr and Mrs Normie can take. It may not be possible to fully restore American culture to its traditional individually self-sufficient and minarchist self where success and achievement was rewarded but should be possible to make it closer to this condition and more functional.

Is the dissident and alt right or conservatism doing this? For all the dissident/alt right and the libertarian trashing of conservatism when they're all not trashing each other. I might add that the failures of mainstream conservatism are all true but what successes can these other sects of the right point to that makes them any better? Or that they simply aren't making the same mistakes conservatism inc. made in reading out other factions from the middle right of the spectrum on or engaging in endless, pointless discussions only among themselves. The conservatives at least have the groypers and although it isn't much, it is a start.

All normies need is someone they can trust tell them it's OK to say "America first" and really mean it, we don't need immigration to provide cheap labor for corporations, we have the right to choose who we let immigrate into our country and on this do not need to explain ourselves to anyone and even to say we do not want any immigration at all.

There are many problems to be solved but the first must be those of the American right.

Next: A Critique of the American Right Strategy (or Lack Thereof) Part 2: Cranks and Bad Ideas

Donald Cavaioli

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