Saturday, December 14, 2019

The Passive-Aggressive Coup D' Eta

From Business Insider: Nancy Pelosi says House will move forward with articles of impeachment against Trump by Grace Panetta, December 5 2019

It makes perfect sense that a ruling class populated by people of empty words and meaningless gestures with not a single man of action among them, or woman of action for that matter, would attempt to overthrow a president with such a flimsy and contrived impeachment plot. Such people are only capable of the lamest intrigues, plots based on rumor and innuendo and charges stretched to such absurd lengths as to mock logic and  utterly beggar credulity. This is the world of the managerial apparatchik, the red/blue uniparty factotum, the closed circle of the ruling class. They neither know nor care for the opinions and wishes of the unwashed masses of proles and peasants over whom they rule. Nor do they even see us as their fellow countrymen, let alone as their equals.

That these managerial plodders would care if the peasantry notices that the base their articles of impeachment, these high crimes and misdemeanors are exaggerations of events based almost exclusively on hearsay bothers our rulers not in the least. This impeachment imbroglio is not meant to convince the average American that President Trump must be removed from office just under a year from elections based on an anonymous eavesdropping "whistle blower's" shouting "j'accuse!". This work of theater, especially in the face of the Inspector General's report detailing some FBI wrongdoing during the so-called Russian Collusion investigation is not meant to sway the peasants but to demonstrate the power of the ruling class. Of course a thin veneer of semantics- "monitoring" instead of "spying", softens the impact of wrongdoing for the appearance of upholding the law must be cynically maintained to make breaking the law even more insufferably arrogant.

To add insult to injury, this gives cover for ardent Democrat fanboys and girls to rebut the heretical non-believers and rub the government's intransigence and unwillingness to obey its own laws in our collective faces like the good little slaves that they are.

That this is little more than a point and shriek first and loudest diversion from the actions of corrupt Democrats in the Ukraine gets lost in endless investigations that go nowhere and "we got 'em now! Orange man bad go to jail!" soundbites that are inevitably nothing. Even if we are paying attention, so what? What are ya gonna do about it, proles?

But for anyone not blinded by ideology or fooled by verbal rope-a-dope, the message is clear: Our betters make the laws and thus are above all laws and so only little people are forced to obey them. When our betters' vice and iniquity come to light, they simply laugh at us as they very publicly sweep it away. They know we will not do a damn thing about it, not even vote incumbent politicians out of office.

The articles of impeachment are not likely to result in removal but it will still be a triumph of the picayune, the jejune, that which is the modus operandi of our managerial overlords. It is a grotesque demonstration of power in the end. After Trump leaves office, the bi-factional red/blue uniparty and managerial apparatchiks will erase any trace of Trump's policies and then take steps to ensure that no more outsiders and interlopers become candidates for public office again.

Donald Cavaioli

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